Chrysler has quietly changed the oil filters and cap O-rings used on the Pentastar V6 engines from 2011-13’s part number 68109834AA to 68191349AA on 2014 models.

The change, which Andy told us affected all Pentastar V6 engines, may have coincided with changes to the oil cooler; however, it might be more likely that it was done to reduce confusion and inventories, since the VM V6 diesel engine used by Chrysler also saw a redesign of the filter and cap O-rings, to the same part number as the gasoline V6. This means that dealers can stock a single filter-and-gasket kit for all Grand Cherokee V6 engines, diesel and gasoline alike — unless, of course, they are from the 2011 to 2013 model years.

The Hemi filters are unchanged. Using the wrong part will cause an oil leak.