Source redriderbob has claimed that the next Chrysler crossover, a midsize based on an extended Jeep Cherokee, is coming next year. It’ll have two jobs: filling in for the current Dodge Journey, which is switching to rear wheel drive and Italian assembly, and reassuring the world that Chrysler is still alive.

The new crossover will, like the Cherokee, be sold in front and all wheel drive, but will probably have fewer concessions to off-road capability, dropping optional skid plates, body reinforcements, and such. Expect it to have a choice of three engines: a conventional V6 for marketing, a Hurricane turbo four for power with economy, and a base four-cylinder (either the current 2.4 or a new GME engine).

The crossover, whose name is still unknown ( Chrysler Portal ?), will likely have only one transmission, a nine-speed automatic. It may be shown in summer 2017, though timing is unclear, as a 2018 model; construction will be in Belvidere, alongside the updated Cherokee.