The mystery-shopper program for car dealers, introduced to Chrysler by Sergio Marchionne and his staff, is now done on an ad hoc basis, according to new Network Development chief Al Gardner, also the CEO of Chrysler brand.

Al Gardner, 2015

In an interview published today by, Mr. Gardner said that customers’ sales satisfaction was mainly measured by the Customer Experience Initiative; the first question asks whether people would recommend the dealership, a question which has, for decades, been linked to customer loyalty.

As far as Chrysler’s current status, Mr. Gardner said, “If we’re running 90 to 95% of the dealers’ customers who would recommend the dealership, then I’m very satisfied. I will tell you we’re not there today, and I think we can get there quickly though.”

Mr. Gardner also noted that owners’ satisfaction with the sales process seemed to vary, and while he said he was still fact-finding  after being on the job for just 30 days, “Every time we launch a vehicle, we seem to dip, which means there’s a training breakdown.”

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