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Chrysler ECU Computer Code 14: MAP sensor signal out of range

by Bob O'Neill and Bob Lincoln

The MAP sensor's function is to tell the computer how much air pressure is present in the intake manifold. Technically, it is a strain gauge device which uses air pressure or vacuum to vary a voltage which it reports to the ECU.

Code 14 indicates a failure of the electronics component of the MAP sensor. The Power Limited light will be lit and the ECU will enter limp mode. Because it can't rely on the MAP sensor, it uses the TPS and RPM (from the Hall Effect sensor) to indicate manifold pressure.

The MAP sensor's electronic component output range is between .02v to 4.94v. Voltages below or above these will trigger code 14. If voltages are outside the range or a bad electrical connection causes a code 14 the ECU enters limp mode. At this point the AIS closes and the ECU relies on the TPS and RPM as reported by the HEP to calculate manifold pressure. On turbo engines RPM is limited to 2000 when the TPS reports that the throttle is open more than 22 degrees. This prevents over boost while in limp mode and Code 13 is set.

In case of emergency - the car refuses to run at all - the MAP sensor may be unplugged, which sometimes brings back limp-mode functioning.

Possible reasons for Code 14

Poor connection or bad wiring - Read 'How to troubleshoot drivability issues'. This troubleshooting procedure details the steps necessary to insure your connections and wiring are in sound. Code 14 may be related to bad electrical connections at the MAP sensor connector contacts due to corrosion. Also check the wiring for continuity from the connectors to the computer.

Defective MAP sensor - When the MAP sensor fails it will usually set a code 14 to indicate an electrical signal failure. A failed MAP sensor is not usually the cause of a code 13. If you have experienced moisture in the MAP and are still getting a code 13, replace the MAP. Moisture in the MAP can destroy it especially if it freezes and perforates the diaphragm.

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