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Chrysler Europe 2004

by Jeremi Czarnecki

The Voyager and its siblings are the most popular. Many Caravans have been individually imported by people coming back from the US and Canada.

The new Neon is very rare in Poland. The first-generation Neon was sold in Poland for some time, before the import tax was raised so high that it became ridiculously expensive. But even before, it wasn't such a bargain in Poland - it cost something like a European mid-size while offering a compact interior (albeit with a big engine for our conditions). There are some old Neons here and there, mostly brought by people coming back from Canada.

The PT Cruiser is available with 1.6 (85 kW), 2.0 (136 kW) and a 2.2 (121 kW) CRD Diesel. There is also a PT Cruiser GT powered by a 2.4 Turbo (164 kW). The trims are: Classic (1.6 only), Touring (1.6, 2.0, 2.2 CRD), Limited (2.0, 2.2 CRD) and the GT. The 2.0 is not available in Poland at the moment. The Germans also have a "Hochglanz" version called "PT Cruiser Passion" with more chrome here and there and a 2.2 CRD. [The PT diesels were Mercedes models.]

The PT Cruiser Cabrio has two available trims and each one carries a 2.4 engine - a 105 kW on the Limited, while the Cruiser Cabrio GT again sports the 2.4 Turbo.

The 1.6, 2.0 and 2.4 come with 5-gear manual transmissions. An Autostick automatic is available with the latter two (and is standard on the 2.4 Cabrio in Poland). 2.4 Turbo GTs can only be had with a 5-speed "heavy duty" manuals.

As you know, some European PT Cruisers come form the Graz plant, as the Voyagers do.

As to Voyagers - I see they are very well covered by Allpar! I just want to mention how funny it was with the previous model - in Europe, it was branded as Chrysler, carried a Plymouth model name (Voyager/Grand Voyager) and a Dodge-style front! Now the Voyager looks just like Town & Country (except for the fact that we have a short wheelbase version too).

The Sebring comes as a sedan or Cabrio - no coupes available in Europe, as far as I know. The sedan is offered with either a 2.0 (104 kW) or a 2.7 (149 kW), the Cabrio - only with the latter. The Germans have the sedans as LX, in Poland the 2.0 is a LE. All Cabrios are Limited.

The former generation sedans were sold as Chrysler Stratus in Europe - with a Dodge front! the Cabrio was also sold as Stratus, but I think they had Chrysler Sebring Cabrio looks.

The 300 is a 300C across Europe. They come with 2.7 V6, 3.5 V6 and the 5.7 V8 Hemi. V6s come with a 4-speed automatic, while the Hemi has a 5-speed Autostick. In Germany, the 2.7 V6 is not available. There are no names for trim levels (the Hemi has more kit, of course).

Of course, Europeans can also buy Chrysler Crossfires - both coupe and Roadster. The engine is a 3.2 V6 (160 kW) from Mercedes. This is a very popular engine, available with a number of models, including the SLK, on which the Crossfire is based. It comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 5-speed Autostick is an option.

There are Jeeps available, of course.

Dodge is not present in Europe, except for the Netherlands, where "Dodge Ram Van" is a Chrysler Voyager commercial van. There are many Dodge Caravans on the second-hand market, which were brought to Europe as individual imports.

Also see our Finland road test of the Sebring, Avenger, Journey, and Patriot, the Plymouth Horizon and how the Horizon was engineered on two continents.

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