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That's awesome, Eddie. Thanks for sharing. My dad had a 62 Imperial LeBaron sedan that had the "bullet" tail lights. Of course it didn't look like those but he got it for a $100 bill. That 413 was a horse!

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Looks like it's been retouched quite a bit to make the foreground colors much more vibrant. Might have been done back then, with hand painting. Maybe just a trick of the existing light... but it might also be a B&W photo they painted back then. Lighting in those plants can drive ya nuts as a photographer.

Presumably a final inspection area?

Nice find!

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Imperial assembly was in the city of Detroit (Dearborn).
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"The 1959 to 1961 Imperials were built at the former Graham-Paige/DeSoto plant at 8505 West Warren Avenue, Dearborn. The plant was built in 1924 by Paige Motors (later Graham-Paige) and during WW II part of the plant was used by the DeSoto Division for assembly of airplane wings. The plant was an "E" shape with vertical part of the "E" along W Warren".
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