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Chrysler Fault Code 26: Injector issues

by Bob O'Neill and Bob Lincoln

For turbocharged engines, codes 26 and 27 are related to the injector driver circuits. Code 26 is related to injector driver circuit 1, and indicates that the injector circuit is either open or shorted. The Power Limited light will not be lit and the system will not enter limp mode.

For Throttle Body Injector (TBI) - single fuel injector systems, the most common 2.2 and 2.5 engine systems - code 26 is thrown when peak injector current is not reached.

Possible Reasons for Code 26

Poor wiring or connection - Read the page 'How to troubleshoot drivability issues'. Check the wiring and connections from the logic module to injectors #1 and #2 for Turbo engines. Check the harness from the TBI injector to the computer. Clean and re-grease the connectors with dielectric grease.

Injector driver transistor failure (turbo engines) - When the injector driver is working properly the signal the voltage to the injector should jump to 12vdc when injector is on and drop to 0vdc when injector is on. These signals can be measured from the power module (or SMEC). If you don't see these voltages at the harness where it connects to the injector 'and' you have insured that the harness is good from the injector connector to the power module (or SMEC) then the power module should be replaced.

Injector failure (TBI engine) - Check the resistance of the injector. If it is too high or if it is zero ohms (an open circuit), the injector must be replaced.

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