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Chrysler La Comtesse and Dodge La Femme, 1954-56

Based on information from Tony Lindsey

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The LaFemme was sold after Chrysler's 1954 La Comtesse and Le Comte show cars - the former pink and pale gray, the latter bronze and black - his and hers cars. The La Comtesse was described by a Chrysler press release:

"Chrysler's exotic new plastic top car, presents a gorgeous two-tone exterior of dusty rose with a pigeon gray top. The interior is luxuriously finished in cream and dusty rose leather with seat back inserts of platinum brocatelle fabric. Interior appointments are set off by specially-designed chrome hardware. A long, low note is provided by heavy chrome molding running along the lower body of the car from the front wheel openings to the rear bumper. A continental tire mount and chrome wire wheels add to the car's smart appearance. La Comtesse is built on a New Yorker Deluxe Newport chassis and is powered by a 235-horsepower Chrysler FirePower V-8 engine and features fully-automatic PowerFlite transmission, power steering and power brakes plus Chrysler's high-roll front suspension for easier handling and improved roadability."
Still life

Similar vehicles included the pink Pontiac Parisienne, Chevrolet Impala Martinique, and the Cadillac Eldorado Seville Baroness.

A Chrysler dealer update described the La Femme:

Exterior colour scheme of the car is Heather Rose over Sapphire White, and there is a gold La Femme name plate on each front fender, replacing the Royal Lancer name plate. The interior consists of specially designed Heather Rose Jacquard Fabrics and Heather Rose Cordagrain bolster and trim.

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The crowning touches which personalize the La Femme are its special feminine accessories.

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Two compartments located on the backs of the front seats are upholstered in Heather Rose Cordagrain. The compartment on the driver's side contains a stylish rain cape, fisherman's style rain hat and umbrella which carry out the Jacquard motif. The other compartment holds a stunning shoulder bag in soft rose leather. It is fitted with compact, lighter, lipstick and cigarette case.
Mike Petersen wrote in the Walter P. Chrysler Club magazine (reprinted by permission):

The La Femme is a special Custom Royal trim option with Heather Rose and Sapphire White color combinations. A matching cape, boots, umbrella, shoulder bag, and floral tapestry-like fabrics are the feminine niceties available with this Custom Royal package. There are compartments built into the back of each front seat for stowing all of this gear.

This model is not so unusual when one considers the frequency of women, and women drivers, in the 1955 Dodge sales literature. The hidden messages seem to be "this car is easy to drive" and "this car is for both husband and wife."

My grandmother tooled around town in my '55 when it was new, and my wife just loves to drive it (at least that is what her friends tell me).

Allpar notes: the 1956 Custom Royal also had a La Femme option, in lavender and white, with a matching umbrella, hat, and purse hook.

The LaFemme is generally unknown to people today, but was quite probably the origin of the "F Series" truck that Homer Simpson bought... a pink truck designed for women.

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