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Chrysler Lebaron 1988 speakers wiring

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I, i have a 1988 Chrysler Lebaron and i'm trying to replace a door speaker that is missing.
The problem is there are 4 wires for the speaker :
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With the diagrams available on internet i found that the pink one was the positive and the blue/red negative but i don't understand the other two.

Following the following diagram the black/green seems to be connected to all other speakers, and a ground on the radio (X15)

and the black red to the other speakers too and a "radio choke".(X13)

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My question is : Do you think that the positive is connected directly with the choke and the negative with the ground, meaning that all speakers are connected together ?

I really don't understand this wiring
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The parts catalog shows a 4-spkr & a 6-spkr system.
The 4-wire speakers would have an amp circuit board on the spkr. The RF door spkr should be a match for the LF door spkr. Look for a Mopar # 4300174. Coupe (21) & Convertible (27) used the same part.
Someone tried to modify the old spkr wiring?
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Welcome to Allpar. Make sure that the LF+ & LF- are isolated from the body ground. The speakers use a 'floating' ground that is at a different potential than the -12 volt (neg) car body.
A grounded speaker can damage the radio output ICs.
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