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DannyH said:
1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi with 145k miles started blowing out and consuming coolant. Shops want $3k to preserve the $1.5k trade-in value (!). I can rebuild a small-block Chevy to the tightest factory specs without getting out of bed but this motor is new to me. I have the shop manuals (Chrysler, Mitsu, and Chiltons) but all three avoid what apparently are very important considerations. If you've done this engine enough times to know the answer, here is where I'm hung-up.

1. To get the heads milled to the correct "RA" value, you must know the gasket material. "Composite" is different than "Graphite-coated", which is different than metal-layered. Fel Pro must consider the 9037PT material more secret than the Coke formula as this information has been impossible to discover. My shop manuals are silent on this point. Are you specifying a specific range for the RA value when you have the heads for this engine done?

2. The heads use "Torque-To-Yield" (TTY) head bolts. Across the Web, this supposedly tells us two things: 1) Consider the head bolts as single-use and replace them. 2) Look for a torque spec that says to torque to a specific value then go back around and rotate the bolts a specific number of degrees. Again, my shop manuals are silent on this. All three say 80 ft/lbs and let it go at that. Am I missing something???

3. I was schooled to install fasteners with the mating parts (bolt-nut or capscrew-tapped hole) were both clean, dry, and free of lubricant. I'm reading the bolts and washers need to be coated with 30w oil on assembly. Here again, the manuals are silent.

The Fel Pro gasket set has no instruction sheet of any kind for anything in the kit.

If you have hands-on experience with the engine, what can you advise me?

1: nearly all your head gaskets are Multi-Layer Steel nowadays, and the Cylinder Head Grinding Limit for the 2.5L V6 (i'm getting this figure from the 1999 Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze Sedan Factory Service manual, which pretty much has the same V6 as your Sebring) is a maximum of 0.2mm (0.008") (it goes on to Caution you that it is a combined total dimension of stock removal from the cylinder head if any, and the block deck surface is 0.2mm [0.0079"])

2: (again, I'm referring to the 1999 Sedan Factory Service manual for this advice.) the FSM makes no mention for TTY Bolts on the V6 (its a 3 step process in a sequence ending up at 80 Ft.-Lbs.), but on the 4 cylinder Engines, the FSM has you inspect the Head Bolts for Necking (since the Tightening Sequence on the 4 Cylinder Engines is a FOUR Step Sequence, and the 4th step is an additional 1/4 Turn.)

3: again, the FSM makes no mention of having to oil the head bolts on the V6, but it DOES have you oil the head bolts on the 4 Cylinder Engines.
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