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Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Climate Control Computer Codes

Courtesy of Chie Croslin

Getting computer fault codes from the climate control system

Click here for "normal" computer codes (transmission, engine, etc.)

Getting the codes: method one

This is written about 1993 models but is likely to apply to both earlier and later models.

On cars with automatic climate control: To enter diagnostic mode, set the temperature to 75F, press the the off button. Press Floor, Defrost\Floor, Front Defrost simutaneously for 3 seconds until the temperature display begins to flash.

On cars without automatic climate control, set the blower to any speed, turn the temperature control in between warm and cold. Press Floor, Defrost\Floor, and Front Defrost. All codes will flash via the Front Defrost button.

When the test is over all fault codes will be displayed (on cars without automatic climate control, they will be blinked out on the Front Defrost button).

Code Action
23 Blend door feedback control
24 ATC mode door feedback failure
25 Ambient temperture sensor failure
26 ATC in-car sensor
27 Sun sensor failure
31 ATC recirculate door stall failure
32 ATC blend door failure
33 ATC mode door stall failure
34 Engine temperture sense failure
35 Evap temperature sense failure
36 ATC head command failure

Alternative #1 ("jsobvan")

According to Alldata DIY, on my 2000 Grand Voyager, rear wash and rear wipe are the correct keys to hold down to recalibrate and/or diagnose the system. If the system recalibrates OK, then all the lights go out.

Holding down rear wash and AC compressor runs the cooldown test. Hold them down for 5 seconds to start the test. All LEDS will light for 5 seconds, then the AC and recirculate LEDS will alternately flash for up to two minutes. If the evaporator temp drops by 20 degrees within the two minutes, then the LEDs go out. If, after two minutes, the AC and recirculate lights flash simultaneously (instead of alternately), the system has failed the cooldown test.

Alternative #2 (by Jerry Rogich)

With engine on set blower motor to high, set mode position knob to panel (i.e. full left), open all A/C outlets, set temperature to cold (both levers if so equipped). Now press the wash and rear wiper buttons on the A/C panel simultaneously for 5 seconds (until all LED's light). This should get the test started. Assorted lights on this panel will flash as different tests are run. Eventually if the tests are passed the rear wiper LED should be the only light flashing. Push the rear wiper button to exit test mode and you should be home free.

I had to use this to reset my hvac after a battery swap on my 98 T+C van.

Codes -

LEDsProblemCorrective Action
None flashingNormalNone
rear wiper and intermittent LEDs flash simultaneously failed calibration diagnosticsrun Calibration test
a/c and recirc led's flash simultaneouslyfailed cooldown corrective action run cooldown test
rear wiper and intermittent led's are flashing simultaneously And recirc
led's are flashing simultaneously
failed calibration, diagnostics and failed cooldown testrun calibration test
0 = passed all tests
1= mode actuator did not reach defrost position
2= mode actuator did not reach panel position
3= blead/pass. Actuator did not reach cold stop
4= blead pass. Actuator did not reach heat stop
5= evaporator temperature fin sensor open
6= evaporator temperature fin sensor shorted
7= driver actuator did not reach cold stop
8= zone/driver actuatoer did not reach heat stop
9= control head internal failure
Alternative #3 (by Kelly Busch)

After doing some extra research I found out that on the particular year (1998) Voyager I was working on, the button combination on reseting and testing the A/C control was different than the article. The button combination that worked on my wifes' van was the A/C compressor and rear windshield washer buttons for 5 seconds. Thanks, your website put me in the right direction. According to the dealer estimate it saved $530 USD.

Getting the codes: Eagle Premier

Note: this test can be conducted with the engine running or off.

Press the blower select up, mode select left, and the front defrost buttons at the same time for three consecutive seconds. When all segments are lit release the buttons. You have now entered the Low mode. Observe which select segments are lit.

To erase faults press the front defrost button for (5) seconds during the five second interval. The fault segment will flash, if the fault is still preset it will not be erased and the segment will stay lit and stop flashing. There are four modes to the system.

Low mode

Segment litACTION
OffPress blower speed select button once,go to M1 chart and observe mode select indicator
BilevelCheck for grey or green wires for open, replace door control
VENTGo to M2 mode chart
Heat Go to M2 chart
HEAT/DefCheck violet and white wires for open if ok replace motor
MAX(A/C only)Repair open blue and black/red (outside temp sensor) located at the front right or left near wheels
Norm (A/C only) Repair short to ground in blu if ok replace outside temp sensor
M2 mode

Segment litACTION
DEF(heater only) Repair short to ground gry/yel wire
MAX(A/C only)Repair open in wires to in car sensor, if ok replace sensor. Located above the glove box to left.
Norm (A/C only)Repair short to ground in to in car sensor if ok replace sensor
A/C Clutch status

Segment litMeaningA/C Clutch Status
ONA/C clutch onOn
OPOpen A/C low pressure cut out switchOff
HLHeavy loadOff
NCNo clutch ("off","vent",or "heat" mode active)Off
M2 mode

In this mode,four airmix door operations can be manually selected by using the SELECT button. The operations are. Bi-lev,Vent,Heat,Heat/Def the temperature digits displays the current voltage on the airmix door feedback wire in tenths of volts,+/- 0.3 volts. Each segment will flash at 2Hz rate while door motor is driven. Note: if the feedback wire for airmix door is open or short to ground ,the airmix door will not move,none of the four modes can be entered(the mode segments are blank ), and the set-temperature digits will display "?"

"HIGH mode"

Both temperature sensor inputs can be read on the display by using the SELECT button to manually select one of the following:

NORM - outside temperature (F)
Bi-Lev- in- car temperature (F)

The temperature is displayed as follows: the display range for outside temeperature reading is - 40 F through 140 F and -40 F through 185 F for the in-car sensor. If a sensor line is open or shorted to ground,the set-temperature digits will display "?" when that sensor is selected.

Temperature in degrees FSet Temp displaySegment "off" indicator
Temperature below 0 FFlashing Temperatureoff
Equal to or greater than 0 f and less than 100 F Temperature displayed off
Greater than 100 FTemperature displayedon

When the problem is fixed, cycle the ignition switch to run and enter re-enter the onboard diagnostics. Erase the fault from memory by pressing the front defrost button for 10 seconds. If the indicator does not go out,the problem is not fixed.

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