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Older radios use a bit of current to keep memory of station pre-selects alive, that small amount will eventually drain the battery, I hope newer ones have non-volatile memory.

Your message isn't coherent on when the problem occurs. You need to parse into sentences and check for contradictions before posting.

Draining the battery when running would indicate the charging system is not working - the ignition will drain the battery faster than a radio will. (Unless someone installed a monster sound system, in which case I would refuse to help the owner.)

The speakers are only energized when the ignition is in Accessory (for those vehicles that power the radio then) or Run.

I don't accep the mechanic's claim, he does not understand radio systems.

Perhaps the radio is staying on - check that it is off when the ignition switch is in the OFF position. Worn ignition switch mechanism could keep it powered.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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