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In many newer vehicles, the radio and other electrical accessories can be kept on for selectable periods after the ign key is turned off and until a door opens. This feature is controlled by the TIPM, CCN (cluster) or BCM. Battery power is always at the radio and the radio is switched on and off by communications bus logic commands. This could be problematic with an aftermarket radio.
The station presets in a Chrysler radio have been non-volatile since 1996, meaning that they will stay in memory after a battery disconnect. The clock is dependent on battery memory and has to be reset.
Display and faceplate illumination dimming may also be PWM (pulse width modulated like a fuel injector) by a driver in the CCN or BCM over the communications bus.
Nothing is simple any more.
You need to see how the radio has been wired in and if the radio may be made compatible with an interface. The installer may not have had the know-how or materials:
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