Chrysler registered the trademark Tradesman on December 15 in the motor vehicles category. Dodge sold a Tradesman version of their B-van for many years, but under Daimler, stopped making the vans, which competed against Daimler's own Sprinter.

In addition, the trademark AMC, complete with "A-mark" and exactly as used in the 1970s and 1980s, was published for opposition at the end of November. It had been submitted in 2005, and is owned by the "current Chrysler," not the bankrupt entity.

Other recent trademarks of interest include Cuda, Never Neutral (cars category), Boulevard (cars), Forward Care (warranties category), Latitude (along with Patriot Latitude and Compass Latitude).

Chrysler does not use all the trademarks it registered; "Oscar Mike" (cars, filed August 2010, and published November 2010) never came to fruition [Update, June 2012: the trademark was indeed used on Jeep Wranglers]. The Sportsman name recorded in 2005 was published in 2006 but was abandoned as of May 2010.