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Chrysler taking apps for Toledo plant Thu 6/20

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A friend of mine that works in the Toledo plant on the JK line passed this along:

Chrysler will be accepting applications tomorrow for temporary and part time, mostly for Toledo (where I work). There is a high likelihood if you do well you could become full time eventually. You apply online, you should probably go over and create a login and everything now. Hours kind of depend, but mostly they are going for people to fill production on JK, on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. We do 10 hour shifts, 5:30am - 4 on days or 4:30 pm - 5 on afternoons. Nearly $16 an hour.

I didn't see anything specific for this listed on the careers site this evening - but if you were looking to get in, it likely wouldn't hurt to get pre-registered and logged in tonight.