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Chrysler Tech Authority has support info

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Came across which provides some service info including service manuals and training manuals to purchase.​

Offers subscriptions including short-term, I haven’t had the time to fully figure out to what information that gives access to, appears it provides much including data to update SW in modules using some scan tools.​

It is a great idea, and a start, but the search function is not adequate, applicable years are not always given for the manuals, not enough detail such as depth in training manual, no e-version of documents AFAIK (some are on CD, some paper print-on-demand), and actual ordering is clunky at best (at this moment I cannot get items into shopping cart).​

At $14. the paper training manuals sound reasonable.​
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Beware of pirate copies.
I fell for a CD out of Toronto, it was a 92 though included CNG, had to muck about on three computers to read it as seller couldn't record correctly. Hopefully eBay cancelled his account.
Some people claim that bankruptcy wiped out IPRrights, I'm from Missouri on that line.

I found all diagnostic manuals including CNG engine on eBay, am trying to get training manual.

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I was able to get to the Place Order point, the ordering function has potential but defects:
- Place Order appears to do something but does not confirm order accepted
- UPS expedited shipping price less than “Saver” price choice (there’s a third option for one-quarter those prices, the Standard slow boat)
- bizarre function that refuses to take the US Postal Service defined address format of unit number being on a separate line below the street address line, Chrysler’s SW forces all on one line (and forces to use “Unit” instead of “#”, which is not correct for mailboxes). IOW, instead of [first line: 27 Moonbeam Place second line #20] they force [one line: 27 Moonbeam Place Unit 20]. I used to think bureaucracies could read the rules , I was wrong. Their change results in rejection of credit card.
- insecure approach of wanting CVN code off back of credit card, if someone intercepts or an insider steals the information (as happened to me once) the criminal has all they need.
- reaching Customer Care is quite awkward (one thing to watch out for is to call “other” not “Witech” whatever that is. Staff are not skilled).
- you have to first establish an account, even though it is simple so little meaning, before you can order, that is not communicated before starting the order process.
- when I pointed to the address problem, I received an inane reply, as I have in the past about other things

As for the subscriptions for extensive access, they mostly cover 1996 and on for manuals and such, some manuals for 1995 (odd as 94-95 Caravans are essentially the same and manuals often cover 1993-1995, I suspect they are covering OBD II only), and TSBS+Recalls for 1992 and on. Not enough specifics given. Includes “training materials”. Unclear what is downloadable, their response to my query was ambivalent. (They did talk of a “preview” but that may just be the listing of the subscription in their catalog. Amazing how people can talk without being clear.)

As I mentioned earlier, the subscription includes access to files needed to reprogram “controllers”, links to lists are given so you can check availability, once online with the subscription there is a list of file numbers and other information for reprogramming, including ability to view JTEC, SBEC and FCC related OBD II information. (SBEC is one of Chrysler’s names for the ECM.)

If you have to do any digging around to find information and understand it the 3-day subscription will be needed, at $35. versus the 1-_hour_ price of $11.75.
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