It’s been over a week since Super Bowl, and we can now see how well Chrysler did compared with other automakers on YouTube views of the various commercials. To cut a long story short, “not very well at all.”

There were 13 automotive ads played during the Super Bowl, three for FCA, two for Hyundai/Kia, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen/Audi, and one each for other automakers.

The big winner was Volkswagen’s “Wings” ad, with 17 million hits. Not until #5 does the first domestic automaker show up — Chrysler, with its “America’s Import” ad, the last in the series, coming in with 9.6 million hits on YouTube. (This is in addition to anyone who saw it during the actual Super Bowl).  The ad actually beat Toyota’s use of the Muppets.

The next most popular Chrysler and Fiat ads came in at #9 (Maserati’s “Strike”) with 5.5 million, and then, at #11, Jeep’s bland “Restless” with a mere 2.7 million views — still, that was nearly double last-place Ford’s ad, and a million more views than Chevrolet’s “Life.”

The results are not as impressive as in 2012 and 2013, though Maserati dealerships report dramatic increases in foot traffic, and Kelly’s Blue Book noted that the increase in hits on Maserati was more impressive than the change in any other brand. Part of that comes from Maserati’s limited exposure to a mass audience before the Super Bowl, and its relatively small size — the impact of a national ad will be higher on a small niche brand than a mass-market automaker.

Chrysler’s ads are described and shown in our “Deeper Looks” links, below.