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Chrysler: Where It's Made / Where It Will Be Made?

Looking for where it was made? See our factories page.

Fictional character Vehicle Space Metal Art

The list, as of 2016.

Made by Fiat: ProMaster City (Turkey, joint venture); Jeep Renegade (Italy); Fiat 500X (Italy); Fiat 500L (Serbia); Ram 700 (Brazil); 500X (Italy). ProMaster City is a modified Doblo. Renegade and 500X are related. Ram 700 is a slightly modified Fiat Strada.

Chrysler parts plants (incomplete list?)

Engines: Dundee, Michigan for four-cylinders (including Fiat); Mack Avenue, Detroit, Saltillo, Mexico, and Trenton, Michigan for V6 engines; Saltillo, Mexico for V8 engines. Kokomo and nearby towns in Indiana for automatic transmissions. Marysville, Michigan for axles (ZF plant). Toledo (actually Perrysburg) Ohio for torque converters and steering columns. Etobicoke, Ontario for castings and pistons. Mt. Elliott Tool & Die near Detroit for tooling and dies.

Where will Chrysler make it?

The next generation Journey (or its replacement) is likely to move to Sterling Heights, which has a new body shop that can almost certainly handle it, even as Fiat 500 moves back to Europe when the next generation is developed (with North American sales in mind). The next generation Compass replacement and a Chrysler compact are expected to show up in Toluca.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Sport utility vehicle

Rumors that the next generation minivans will be modified CUSWs (e.g. a wider, longer Cherokee) with Durango-based suspensions would suggest that Windsor could also make Journeys, which may be one reason why the next generation Journey has been delayed. It's possible they will make Journey a slightly smaller minivan with standard doors, and build it alongside the minivans, though the latter is unlikely. (Making Journey share more with the minivan seems sensible, though.) The Windsor plant will also be making a full size Chrysler crossover, according to current long term plans.

D-RWD is being jointly developed by Dodge and Alfa Romeo, reportedly based on CUSW with changes to optimize for RWD. It has been dubbed "Giorgio" to make it seem like an Alfa Romeo-only project that's downward-shared with Dodge, so snooty buyers aren't turned off by the plebian origins.

Rumor currently has L (large cars) and WK3 (Grand Cherokee, etc) converging.

One Mexican source said that Toluca may be used to make short-run or highly varied models due to its quality and innovative workforce.

Wagoneer will almost certainly be made at Jefferson Avenue, but what will happen to Durango?

A Wrangler pickup is now expected but it will be a fairly low production vehicle.

By platform (speculation; based mainly on Daniel Bennett's and Dan Minick's thoughts, and excluding most Rams):

ChryslerDodge/RamJeepFiat Brands
SUSW100? Renegade500L, 500X
CUSW100?, 200Dart, next Journey?Cherokee, 2016 CompassViaggio (not in North America)
RUT&C, Pacifica* "Maybe" Voyager
D-RWD Dart or Avenger*
Next Journey?
Maybe...?Numerous Alfas
L300Charger, Challenger Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, an Alfa
WK3 DurangoGrand Cherokee, Wagoneer
JL Wrangler, Scrambler

* No name has been announced. These are either guesses or "fill-ins" to relate to past models.

Current assembly plants

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Support plants

Other facilities

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Sport utility vehicle

Historical plants (including adopted companies)

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Also see... Factory photos: 2009 Dodge Ram - 1995 Neon - Chrysler LeBaron Convertible - Newark Assembly Plant

Working at the plant: <a name="factory"></a>Dave Tyjeski (2009), Bill Wetherholt (2009), Matt Wetherholt (2009), Views (2002), Teamwork (1998)

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