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I would not mind the demonstrator model of purchasing. But I'd like them to at least have demonstrators.
Yeah, it doesn’t quite work as well with sock puppets or an interpretive dance by the salesman. :LOL:
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Always good to have some positive news!

CEO Carlos Tavares Confirms Chrysler Has Bright Future

At an event outside of Amsterdam today to discuss the future product strategy for the 14-brand Stellantis empire, CEO Carlos Tavares said that "Chrysler is one of the emotional pillars of the former FCA. It's important for us to give this brand a future and opportunity to rebound," and that "Chrysler will be relaunched." He added that the coming Chrysler models "look really gorgeous," which is something that CEOs always say about future products.

In speaking more broadly about the U.S. brand strategy, Tavares said, "We have the strategic vision to invest in all the American brands," but added that "I have no intention to bring more brands to the U.S. right now. I think we have enough."

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Stellantis/Jeep Pulling out of China over Communist Government Meddling In It's Business
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