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Chrysler's Future Design Language: What Should It Be?

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Chrysler's Future Design Language

What do you think Chrysler's future design language should be? Anybody feel like sharing designs they made, or aspects of other designs are certainly welcome to do so. Should the design be distinctive, smooth, luxurious, generic, etc? Should there be a corporate design across all products or should vehicles vary? What would you like to see out of Chrysler's future designs?

I designed something awhile back... Not sure it holds merit today (I'm not professional, just having fun obviously). I posted it in the quote below.

Been working on a new concept car. It's a Chrysler product... it looks somewhat sporty and maybe luxurious. I would probably at this point call it a concept Chrysler Concorde. I also like the name Chrysler Atlantic. Still working on finalizing.

I feel the headlight's are too cliche looking at this point and seem to look a bit Audi-like while the grille isn't Chrysler-y enough. But I feel if tweaked some more I could make it seem more Chrysler like... and who knows, maybe it does look like a Chrysler! I could be overly hard on myself here. That said, I like the shape of this car.

Hello again everyone! Been working on a Chrysler mid-size. I thought of many different names and ended up clapping the Concorde name on this. That name might be too outdated, but it just seemed to fit here. I was trying to think of original names are well going off geographic locations that fit with the "Pacific" and "Atlantic" style names. I wanted the car to be sleek and sporty, but luxurious inside. So this is a work in progress. I might slim the grille.

Any thoughts welcome and hope you enjoy.
You can see my Mopar photo and all my poorly done renders at this link (within the forum).

Now let's hear from you on what you think Chrysler's future design language should be like?
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I would not mind the demonstrator model of purchasing. But I'd like them to at least have demonstrators.
Yeah, it doesn’t quite work as well with sock puppets or an interpretive dance by the salesman. :LOL:
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Always good to have some positive news!

CEO Carlos Tavares Confirms Chrysler Has Bright Future

At an event outside of Amsterdam today to discuss the future product strategy for the 14-brand Stellantis empire, CEO Carlos Tavares said that "Chrysler is one of the emotional pillars of the former FCA. It's important for us to give this brand a future and opportunity to rebound," and that "Chrysler will be relaunched." He added that the coming Chrysler models "look really gorgeous," which is something that CEOs always say about future products.

In speaking more broadly about the U.S. brand strategy, Tavares said, "We have the strategic vision to invest in all the American brands," but added that "I have no intention to bring more brands to the U.S. right now. I think we have enough."

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Stellantis/Jeep Pulling out of China over Communist Government Meddling In It's Business
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