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Chryslers last stand

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The coming few years will tell us if Chrysler will still be around.
The replacment of the 300 has to be a winner.
Its time to make the decision. Chryler will be the People mover and have cars to compete with toyota.
They have to have more then 2 models, they need a small suv and a midsize suv.
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Look at the vag group ( wv/audi and even some porsche pieces)
They have found out how a welldone badge engineering formula looks like.
audi- wv- skoda- seat etc all about the same but with different styling and ride aimed at different customers.
The cdj line up can be the same by doing badge engineering cleverly on all but the extremes ie jeep wrangler and minivans ( i dont see a jeep minivan...)
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Lets make an example, ill take the smallest jeep renegade.
-its for it is a quite worthy offroader and thus a jeep.
To make it a small chrysler it could loose most of its offroad stamina but become lower to the ground, a bit softer more plush inside with some styling inside and a new chrysler grille and tail.
It needs to look and behave like a good awd car wich is a bit uppscale in feel and looks but not in price. It needs to look like a chrysler.
The same goes for dodge but in this case it will get a bit more agressive inside and out with the typical styling ques from dodge to identify it as a dodge.
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Why cant there be a Chrysler pick up, a different styled 1500 were upscale has replaced utility,?
Lower, softer, more plush, less tow, less cargo and a distinct chryler styling.
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