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Chryslers last stand

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The coming few years will tell us if Chrysler will still be around.
The replacment of the 300 has to be a winner.
Its time to make the decision. Chryler will be the People mover and have cars to compete with toyota.
They have to have more then 2 models, they need a small suv and a midsize suv.
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We aren't going to & shouldn't try to compete against Toyota. Their ballpark is not our ballpark. After 18 years of a successful 300, maybe it's time for another benchmark?
Chrysler's past home runs have been done by vehicles that no one else had at the time. The turbine evaluation car, the minivan, the PT, the Hemi, the re-introduction of the convertible, etc.

The Airflow II is a worthy concept car. A little nostalgia, a lot of technology, prudent utility & common sense.

We got 10 years to prove that we belong in the Stellantis portfolio. We have a lot of brands under one roof. Some may go away.
Chrysler has had its share of ups & downs, it would be a shame if it got cancelled for lack of interest. Not everything can or should be a Jeep or a Ram. I still enjoy a sensible 'luxury/prestige/comfort' sedan as a daily driver.
"We aren't going to & shouldn't try to compete against Toyota. Their ballpark is not our ballpark. " Thats because we play in the empty lot down the street.
Isn't the 300 in the same price range as a high end Camry and Avalon.
To suceed Chrysler has to compete in the mainstream that means both chevy and buick.
For old timers here chrysler has to be more Plymouth then imperial.
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I agree. Sedans have become a white space.

But the meaning of the Chrysler brand, whether relaunched, reinterpreted or all-new, has to transcend beyond the product.

The product is key, no doubt. The product provides tangible evidence to the brand promise. But the brand promise itself has to have both a deeper and a wider meaning than just product. The more the brand can relate to key human needs, the more relevant it will be.

And no, “the people mover” brand ain’t it...
The LH cars were cutting edge and "people movers"
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When I say "people mover" I meant in more in mainstream priceing. We have to be compeative with cr-v and rav4
Leasing...we've become a society of renters.
The old rule of thumb was....A new car should cost half of your yearly income...........If you make $50,000 a year your car should be around $25,000.
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Ouch. That was never true in our family. When my dad was making $10K for a family of 5, new cars were about $3,800. When I bought my first new car just out of college, it was 38% of my income. And there is no way in hell that I would spend half of my current income on any motor vehicle. Not a good rule of thunb, IMO.
In 1969 the med. wage was $6400 and the avr. car [malibu] was $3200.
Which shows that it was only a rule of thumb for a certain group of people.
It was for a 3 year a days folks are spending more with 5 and 6 year loans.
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