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bumonbox said:
It's certainly never been as bad as the public likes to think. But certainly, they've done something to earn it (I don't know that they've done any more than Ford and GM, they too have attempted corner cutting measure carelessly that created issues). I'd really say the domestics as a whole earned a bad rap to a degree. The annoying thing is how slow people are to see it, especially when it comes to Chrysler.

It certainly is hitting it's stride. The 300 seems to be paving the way to a positive reception for upper end Chrysler vehicles. It seems a shame we haven't heard anything about a vehicle placed above the 300 (ala Imperial). It seems like Chrysler is nearing a position where this could be a legitimately viable car. I don't know that they should quite go for the Equus, I'd say something starting at the bottom of 40 might be a good starting place.
I have zero complaints with my new 300C with the HEMI. When I drive the car I think to myself this is too nice to have just a 300 badge. Definitely room for an Imperial utilizing the 300 chassis as seen on the beautiful 2006 Imperial concept. That was a functional concept. They could price it @ $50K more or less? Do we still own the "Imperial" name?? If we bring back the Imp, do we use the Imperial bird or just the Imperial script? Come on Fiat, help us out here.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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