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eastcoaster said:
It’s great news that people’s perception of Chrysler is improving. I don’t understand why people love to hate on Mopar. In my experience Chrysler products have always been high quality. My first car was a (very) used 67 Polara with a 383 that just would not give up. After that I had 70 Duster with a 318, then I got a 70 Challenger RT that I beat on without mercy, a 77 D100 (given to me by my father in law) that served my family for 15 years, a 92 Dakota that I bought new and drove for 16 years (the only things I replaced were tires and a water pump), an 08 Ram that was the best truck I’ve ever owned and now I have a 12 JK that I am in love with. So when people say “I would never buy a Dodge” I just don’t get it.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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