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Classic 1970's A-Body ads

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Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle
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Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Land vehicle Wheel Car Tire Vehicle
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1966 Crown Coupe, 2016 200 S AWD, 1962 Lark Daytona V8.
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I remember the Overdrive, aluminum body panel Dart-Lites & Feather Dusters made for better fuel economy. Rumors included a slant-4 by chopping 2 cylinders off the slant-6 or by chopping a bank off the 318 (à la Tempest).
It was a fuel economy/weight reduction race with what they had before the Omnirizons.
These cars held their own during the oil embargo and gas rationing as the corporation headed into a fiscal crash.
I'm glad that they didn't chop the back end off the like GM did with their Aerobacks.

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

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Fond memories of my old 1975 Dart Sport 360. 360, 727, 3.21 Sure-Grip, fairly loaded. No sunroof, but had electric rear window defrost, factory A/C, PS, PDB, console, buckets. Maroon outside, with white stripes and white interior with the rear space-saver package fold-down rear seat. Came from the factory W/O any cats that year - just an air pump. After a few years, it seized up, so I tossed it, re-tuned the big Thermoquad, replaced the distributor and factory brain box with performance DC parts, re-curved the distributor and ditched most of the other pollution paraphernalia, and put on a larger 2.5" exhaust with free-flowing mufflers. Would take, and PASS, tailpipe pollution testing every year.

Could fry the 245/60/14 BFG T/As I put on the rear for several feet. While the mid to late 1970s were pretty abysmal for performance, I remember racing a lot of stock 350 "Vettes and 302 "Stangs, as well as the disco boys in their fat, porky 6.6 TAs. They couldn't believe how badly that lowly little Dart would beat them. Drove that car for over 10 years year-round in rain, snow, heat, sunny weather. Used to love the looks of disbelief I'd get coming out of a Home Depot with 8ft. landscape timbers, bags of mulch, and 10ft. pieces of conduit. People would watch as I approached the "little" Dart Sport, open the trunk, and like a cartoon, just keep shoving stuff into the trunk as they'd watch it disappear! Lol. Damn thing was reliable too. About the only "failure" was the usual Mopar ballast resistor back then, and like a lot of experienced Mopar guys, you never leave home without one. When mine failed, I pulled the spare out of the glove box and viola - I was on my way. If it wasn't for the body starting to rust away so bad, and if they had the repro parts available like they do today, I probably would have kept it. 2nd favorite car, only to my favorite '70 318 Dart Swinger.
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