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cleaning/degreasing engine

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My 76 cordoba's engine is in dire need of a cleaning. Trouble is, I have never cleaned an engine before.

I have seen videos of people using "Gunk", they spray it on and hose it off.

Question, has anyone used that stuff? Does it work?

Anybody have any other thoughts on how to clean the engine? What should I beware of?

I don't want to screw anything up.

Thanks for your help
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Well, the stuff works pretty good, but you have to be careful about water contamination, but a few protections can make the job safe.

Keep water out of the distributor, engine internals, and carburetor wrap the distributor with a couple grocery bags, make sure they don't have holes in them, then tape or wrap something like a string around the base, you can clean that later. Same thing with the carburetor, pull the air cleaner off, do a little pre-cleaning around the carb and do a clean bag and tape to the manifold nearby to protect it, if you clean an area around the carb first, the tape will stick to the manifold, but still try to strap something around the carb to help.

Make sure the valve breather and other places the internals of the engine vent out of, make sure they are sealed.

Now that the basics are done, start in the early morning like around 9-10am, and hopefully after you spray the stuff on and let it soak in the warmth, you can spray it off, and importantly, do not use a full stream from a garden hose, use a smaller stream of water so it is controlled and not splashing gallons of water all over the place. Once everything is kind of softened up and all that, I use a simple 2 gallon bug and weed killer spray container, spray can be controlled with a little nozzle, uses little water, is pressurized by hand, and has a handle and on/off trigger, let's you get right in there and spray something, avoid something if you want. Anyway, when you are done, leave the hood up and let it dry out by basking in the sun. If there is still gunk and muck still on the engine, let it dry before spraying the cleaner again, it will be diluted by the existing water and just waste hard earned money. Gives you something to do the next weekend or next day if you are really bored.
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