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One of the few Warts that the new to me 2005 GT Convertible had was, an area of peeled clearcoat on the right rear fender, above the wheel and near the taillight.
From what we could tell, we thought that it had been in a fender bender, and whomever repaired it didn't do a very good painting job.
You could see a color joint line inside the fuel cover.

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There really wasn't much clearcoat there at all.
As, even with light wet sanding I began to expand the area.
When I got to a nice, fine transition I quit.
However, I did lightly sand a wider area, so as to facilitate bonding and blending in the repair.
I few very light coats of the base color.
Then, wet sand 1000; and several coats of clear.
I had her in storage for the brake caliper painting. So, I just her back this evening to rub out and polish the area.
I am quite satisfied with the result! :)

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