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cmtc trip computer

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can anyone help? I have a cmtc computer out of a 99 sebring and im trying to install it into my 98 jxi. i took the oval glued plastic piece and the small computer with 5 wires out of the salvaged 99. first, how can i tell if it even works before i go through tearing out the dash for the install. second, if it does work, how do i tie in the 5 wires if theres no pig tail inside the dash? thanks, marcpilot1[at] allpar member since last week!
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Yes! That link did help. A lot. The cmtc is installed now and working like a champ. All for about twenty bucks if that. No, all sebrings don't have em. Well, the jxi's anyway. I would assume jxi's for sure would have had one. But not this one. I had to also get the black oval piece with the cutout already in it also. So that piece and tha cmtc and a little bit of work and its done. I mean a little work too. Not a big crazy job. The wires go to the switch already behind the speedometer. Its taped to other set of wires, just laying there. Cut the tape, plug it into new cmtc, take out old bezel(the black oval piece) and put new bezel with the cutout for the cmtc back on. Its sweet! Thanks too for the link.
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