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Common Upgrades/Factory Parts Mods for 1995-2006 Cloud Cars

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Since Tannon (TWX) made a Common Problems Thread for the Cloud Cars, I Thought it might be prevalent to make a Common Upgrades/Factory Parts Mods Thread for the Cloud Cars. most of the Mods in Question can be found in the How-To Section of the Stratusphere Forums; and Links are provided to the Mod Thread/ website in Question.

1: AutoStick Conversion: AutoStick as most of you know, is the Manu-Matic Version of the Venerable 41TE Automatic Transmission which became optional on the 1997 Stratus.

2: Compass Mini-Trip Computer: (for the 1st Gen clouds) (for the 2nd Gen clouds) This is probably the Easiest and most Coveted of the Cloud Car Upgrades, as it adds the Optional Trip Computer (Only available on the Sebring Convertible on the 1st Gen Clouds, but available across the board on the 2nd Gen Clouds)

3: Map Lights and Illuminated Vanity Mirrors: I was the one who Created This little mod, it was quite easy to do, and provides Extra Lighting in your Interior!

4: Rear Disc Brake Conversion: Another Gem of a mod, this converts the Stock Rear Drum brakes to the optional Rear Disc Brakes found on the 1999-2000 Stratus ES, Cirrus LXi, and Sebring Convertible LXi.

Happy Modding!
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I like to stroll through a salvage yard and look for other cars like mine with accessories that my car doesn't have yet. It used to be more chrome, but tastes do change.
Like any model, it helps to find a premium model like LXI, JXI, Limited, R/T, etc. in a salvage situation before it gets crushed, wet or parted out. A nice leather seat/steering wheel/interior, power electric conveniences, bright, woodgrain or gold trim packages, fog lights/multifunction switch, locking glovebox or console lid, full instrumentation and premium sound systems, you name it, all can be had for reasonable costs.
I guess upgrades are a matter of preference and can be performance, appearance or gadget-oriented. Even walking away with a handful of used bulbs and fuses is always useful.
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