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Comparing the KK to the KA

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Hi everyone

im shopping for a mopar and I'm stuck in the middle between the kk and ka.

my needs:
Ive got to drive down a gravel road for a few miles cross a few flowing puddles. Then take back roads for 30miles then highway it for an hour and then reverse in the evening every day and have to cope with the snow in ohio. Its destroyed my neon (im in a rental atm the neons been scraped ).

Which would you go for?


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KA/Nitro is slightly longer and has the optional 4.0L V6.
KK/Liberty has arguably a better off-road drivetrain, but only comes with the 3.7L V6.

I would want to drive each one over that route and see which one felt better.
I agree with the driving statement.

Is there anything I should look out for when looking the two over/test driving?

Also anyone have experience living with the various 4wd systems?


I actually like the looks of the KA better than the KK. If you plan on keeping it stock, the KK with the full time option transfer case provides more flexibility for running in winter and spring on pavement with intermittent showers and occasional black ice.
You can still,run in 2WD high range, when on dry pavement or high traction situations.
The 4.0 is better suited for highway running, the 3.7 has more low rpm torque.
I like the KK's option of an auto 4wd (Selec-Trac II Transfer Case) mode. Thats the only thing that makes me want get a KK over a KA.

Norm they wouldn't happen to be any way of doing a auto 4wd select on the KA would there?
It's possible, but the NV242 would be a rare gem to locate.and there is going to be linkage and shifter work to perform, so it's hard to say if it's worth the effort and cost.
I 'm up to 25k miles on my 2011Nitro 4X4 R/T (4.0L). I Picked up a set of stock steel wheel (16X7) and put a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrack 245 X 16 R 75, s. They eat up mud, sand and snow. I've put about 4K miles on them.. A litlle bit noisy but not that bad. They ride betting thzn the OE Blingey 20 Inchers. Will change them back next spring. I put on a front skid plate from an early liberity, had to do a few mod, s for my 4.0L Engine with the HD Cooling Package. It needed to make a sub-plate for put to change the oil lb m
and filter. I'm looking for the other 3 skids plates for the later liberty to finish my"Fake Jeep". People who look at it say "What a Cool Looking Jeep"


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The Nitro had eye-catching styling and the ads were OK. I'm just sorry that it didn't do better with public acceptance.
I guess that it was introduced at a time when things were just falling apart in gas prices, economy and Chrysler.
The wife has a 2011 KK and it was about the best new-vehicle value on the lot at the time and does everything she wants it to.
(Now she wants a Willys JK since they showed it on TV). She is a wild woman! :lol:
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I.C., when wife is happy, the entire house is happy! It's only money and we can't take it with us!
ImperialCrown said:
The Nitro had eye-catching styling and the ads were OK. I'm just sorry that it didn't do better with public acceptance.
I agree, I always thought the Nitro was a much better looking body style.
What hurt Nitro, IMHO, was the fact that even up-level trims ended up with black un-painted bumper fascias. Made the whole vehicle look cheap.

The fact that Nitro was a bit longer helped it's overall look, too.
My 11 Nitro Has the Best "Chinese Squirtgun Plastic" Interior Money Can Buy! That Said I Would Still Like Rubber Floor mats in It. They Would Be Much More Useful in Hunting Season Than Carpets!
After 2 Years & 30k Miles I Do Like the Nitro With the 4.0L & W5A580 Trans.
A 2-Speed Transfer Case Would Have Been Nice in My 4X4 Nitro.

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