In the United States, there are two major safety ratings: IIHS, the insurance industry’s standard, and NHTSA, the government standard. In Europe, though, NCAP tests, conducted by an independent group, dominate.

The 2017 NCAP tests place a greater margin on active safety features which prevent crashes. The 2017 Jeep Compass, having everything FCA could throw at it (either standard or optional), gained the top rating — five stars — in the latest test.

The new Jeep Compass has not been rated in the United States yet; its predecessor had four stars overall (three for frontal crash, five for side crash, four for rollover). IIHS, likewise, has not rated the new Compass, but rated the old one as “Good” (its best rating) in side crashes, head restraints, and seats, with no ratings for front overlap crashes or roof strength.  The 2011-17 Jeep Compass and 2017-18 Jeep Compass have completely different bodies, platforms, and architectures, sharing only their engines and relatively minor parts.