The new Jeep Compass is making lots of new friends in Europe.

From its introduction to the market in May through the end of September, 6,673 new Compasses were registered in the European Union. With the exceptions of 2007, the former Compass' first full year on the market, and 2012, that figure is higher than the full-year results of the original model for every year since 2006.

If the pace can be maintained through December, the Compass could very well set a new annual sales record and do it in just eight months. In fact, if October Compass registrations look anything like September's, the record could have already been broken.

October total registration figures were released this morning by the ACEA, the European automakers association. While it will be a while before we have by-model breakdowns of October deliveries, the numbers show that Jeep volume rose 20.4% to 9,729. This put Jeep back in the plus column in year-to-date turnover by 0.3%.

Jeep's growth even outpaced that of Alfa Romeo by a hair. Alfa sales rose 20.3% to 6,483.

According to an FCA press release issued this morning, Maserati registrations were also up to 830, an increase of 5.2%. Deliveries of Fiat-brand vehicles and Lancias both fell short of their October 2016 marks.

Total group registrations rose slightly, up 1.5% to 76,292. FCA ranked fifth in October registrations, behind Volkswagen, PSA Group, Renault and Ford.