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Cooling Fan Relay for 2003 GT

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I have a 2003 GT PT Cruiser that started last year in August having a problem where the cooling fan seems to stay on all the time. My local mechanic had a look and said that the cooling fan relay switch is the problem and he has been in touch with Dodge ever since to get the part - which apparently is in very little demand, as it's been over 6 months since the initial request and still nothing. So, I'm wondering, has anyone else run into this problem? Is this part possible to get through other means? My mechanic mentioned that one has to make sure to get the turbocharged version, as the part for standard PT Cruiser's, he's found online, but finding this turbocharged one is a bit more of a pain - and more expensive, around $600 he said. Any ideas for where I might find this part? I may have to get more details from my mechanic, because when I search for this part (which all he gave me was to look for a cooling fan relay), I find things that are around $10-$15. Can't be what he's talking about. :)
Thank you for any input. If you need more information
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Welcome to Allpar. I believe that the PT turbo uses a solid state fan controller module and not a conventional relay. It is mounted on the radiator fan shroud and only serviced with the fan assembly. That would be in line with the repair quote that you were given.
More information would help. Is the 'ck eng' light on and do you have any fault codes? Did the technician determine that the controller was shorted 'on' and that the problem wasn't with the wiring or PCM?
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