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COTM: March 2013

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank everyone at Allpar (especially Chris Carpenter) for awarding my '79 Volare Duster and I car of the month for March '13. It means a lot to my fiance and I. This has been such a great site for all MoPar information, and I've been telling a lot of my buddies about it. I have been a member since 2006. I remember being in typing class as a sophomore in high school always getting told to "Please get off that car website." Haha. Anyway, look forward to seeing a lot of you at Chryslers at Carlisle in July!! Thanks again to everyone at Allpar!
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That is one beautiful car. My dream after high school was to be able to buy one of those with the slant-6 and 4-speed manual overdrive. I ended up getting my first new Daytona instead. See you at Carlisle!
Thanks Bob! See you there!
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