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I agree with all that has been said so far. Intermittents can be frustrating to find. Some cruise control malfunctions can set fault codes in the PCM and not light the 'ck eng' light because it is not an emissions violation.
Brake light switch adjustment is critical and if you can drive with your toes under the pedal lifting it toward you and the cruise stays engaged, then the brake switch may need adjustment or replacement.
If the green CRUISE light in the cluster is actually turning off, then the PCM has received a 'cruise off' button signal or something else commanded the cruise off. These steering wheel switches can get sticky or leaky from wear or water. Some active PCM fault codes will keep the cruise from operating for safety reasons.
A good scan tool can show cruise control inputs and states. It can also give the last reason for deactivation (i.e.- what switch last turned it off). A helper watching the scan tool 'cruise control switch states' display during a road test means that you can keep your eyes on the road. If the scan tool has a data recorder, have it watch anything concerning the cruise or brake switches.
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