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Curtis Redgap: Former Sheriff's Officer, Current Writer

Who is Curtis Redgap?

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What can you say about the son of a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer and
former cop who has written some of Allpar's most interesting material?
Well, you can read what you can of his personal history ...

Curtis wrote:

I first joined Allpar back when Dr. Dave set out parameters to try to stop the 'merger' back in 1998. I was so impressed that I about wrote my life story in the 'Insider' series about a history of the Corporation with a view on Plymouth.
My grandfather and father were owners of a direct outlet Chrysler Product Store. We handled everything that Chrysler Corporation built, and even on occasion saw Canadian vehicles such as Fargo trucks. I was 9 years old when I pushed my father into letting wash vehicles. My dad had heart problems, and without so much as a whisper, sold the store in 1964.

That was not the end of my involvement with Chrysler Corporation. I had joined the Police Explorer club in 1961, and managed to swing a couple shifts a week as an assistant dispatcher. After serving a stint in the U.S. Air Force, I came out after four years to rejoin my department. I moved to the Sheriff's Office in 1971, and was promoted to Fleet Manager (Lieutenant) in 1974. I stayed there until 1984. My last job was to spec out the 1984 models, and the Plymouth Gran Fury was chosen out of the state bid. I have a Bachelor's degree and currently work for the Federal Government in an agency that has been absorbed by the new Homeland Security.
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After some choice assignments to other parts of the world, courtesy of the USA, Curtis was most impressed with the paradise of the island country of the Philippines. Laying the groundwork earlier, he elected to retire in among those islands in 2010. He now lives just outside of Manila while keeping his home base in Florida.

A widower, he met and married a beautiful Philippine widow woman in 2011. He became an instant Dad with three children, two girls and one boy. Their adoptions are now in Family Court awaiting paperwork.

Always aware and always looking, Curtis noted that Chrysler has a presence in the Philippines:

"The 300 always gets attention wherever one shows up. Those that have PT Cruisers here are loath to give them up. Many serve as "bridal procession" cars, carrying the newly married into their new lives. However, the greatest testament to Chrysler is the Jeep. Thousands of them! Many were left here, discarded as war surplus after MacArthur liberated the Philippines in World War II.

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle registration plate
"Some, believe it or not, are still operating! There might not be a great source of parts, but, never underestimate the clever ability of the Filipino to create something that works so well, others duplicate it! The war destroyed much of the highway infrastructure. However, by stretching the frame of a Jeep, putting a roof on the back, the Jeep jitney [some call it a 'Jeepney'] was created to move people. It was a huge success. If you watched the new Bourne movie, the last segment was filmed in Manila, whereby many Jitneys can be seen.

Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and some independent businesses build their interpretations of the Jeep. Chrysler was so concerned that it launched a lawsuit, particularly targeting the seven-slot grille of those vehicles that were masquerading as the real thing. Chrysler won, the grille being a sort of copyright identity. Consequently, most Jitneys have their own sort of grille design. However, they definitely still scream "J E E P!"

Curtis himself owns one as a sideline business for his retirement enjoyment.

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