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Customer One Surveys, 1998-2003

The process in 1998 (by Daniel Adams)

Note: this process has apparently changed since 1998, see the note below.

Chrysler sends all the bad surveys back to the dealer so he can (or is supposed to) get in contact with the customer and attempt to correct the problem...several bad surveys from the same customer would have some damaging effects with the dealer though chrysler. They take those very seriously. Also the customer can call the 800 number and Chrysler launches what a CAIR. At that point the dealer has 24 hours to let Chrysler know what is being done with the vehicle. I assure you Chrysler takes it very seriously. (You best prepare for a flood of faxes)

I have been involved in CAIRs and it is not pleasant for the dealer.I have even had chrysler send me an LH (in the first year) on a rollback from almost 200 miles away and carry it back that way because the dealer couldn't fix it where it was. I was very impressed with that!

I have seen so much that shows me Chrysler really does care that I won't work for another dealer.I think lots of the bad comes from dealers stonewalling people and trying to stop it from getting over them.

My dealer let me bring the TSB CD-ROM home and install on my system so I could help as many people as possible on the web. (Just goes to show how different things can be.) They have said they fully support me and will help me out answering any questions I come up with. Pretty cool of them considering I just run around trying to help out cause I like the product, believe in the customer 1 motto, and have fun at it. (Note: TSBs are no longer distributed on CD, but are updated via intranet.)

Jeff Wilhelm wrote (2003):

Daniel Adams' comment that he won't work for another dealer is a slap in the face of the many good dealers out there. With that comment he pretty much says all dealers are bad. I do agree that there are bad dealers, but there are many more good than bad. When a statement like that is made, it just makes it harder for us who are trying to do what's best for the customer.

All new car customers [now] get three surveys in the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of ownership. The first one is sent out within 72 hours after the dealer submits the NVDR and it is a SSI survey. Warranty repairs generate the next two, generally six months apart. If the customer does not have any warranty repair performed in that 12-month period, the customer is sent what is called a time-triggered survey at 6 and 12 months. And that is all.

The dealer used to receive ALL the surveys at the end of the month. We no longer receive paper copies of the survey. Chrysler has a dealer web site for us to retrieve surveys on a daily basis, which make it a lot easier for us to respond to customer concern in a timely manner. We take these surveys very seriously.

The statistical end (1998)

Information provided by an anonymous factory rep. We do not know whether this rep works for Chrysler, so the information below may not apply! It is also rather out of date and is included for historicla purposes.

Generally a warranty repair will trigger a survey, but only one within a specific time period.. My company will only send out a max of 1 survey every 90 days with a total of 3 in 18 months. Consequently if you have a 3 warranty repairs in 90 days, you'd only get one. The reason being is people get tired of getting a lot of this 'junk' mail and we are trying to be sensitive to what they tell us they want.

At one time, after a lot of statistical sampling, we only surveyed 50% of our customers and only based on "every other" sale. Dealers demanded 100% survey because they felt some good ones could have come through. We started sending out 100% about 4 yrs ago and the csi numbers didn't change.

One of the questions my company asks is - how many repair visits did it take to fix this problmem.. So i do think it is addressed.. This generates a score for "fixed first visit" which we monitor closely.

Dealers see every survey filled out. The surveys are processed by an independent company to assure integrity. I feel it is a great tool for the dealers to use to help refine their customer process. I don't see dealers using this in any punitive way... Only in a helpful way.

Once in a while we will call non-respondents and solicit their csi answers.. We do this because dealers feel only the pissed off people return surveys and if we could get these non-responders to answer, the scores would be higher.. Not true, our phone surveys only substantiate the valididy of the csi already on the charts.

Return rate on the initial survey is about 50%, but falls to about 30% from that point on.

Do the questions they ask match customers' complaints or the major determinants of satisfaction?

Yes, we revamped our surveys about 2 or 3 years ago for that specific reason..

We ran a side by side 6 month test with customers to verify the accuracy of our surveys to the customers true complaints. We also look closely at the j.D. Powers data to see how close we match. Not sure what other outside companies had input, but i assume it was done

Sometimes the dealers will react to the comments and sometimes the corporation reacts to the comments.. All depends.. But they are not ignored in most cases.

How are customer complaints handled?

An electronic file is opened up and sent to the dealer and rep.. Standards are in place for follow-up and resolution and guidelines are set in order for that complaint to be closed.

How about those dealers which offer you something in return for filling out a positive survey?

This is taken very very seriously and will result in drastic measures if we find out and the dealer does not correct. Up to the point that we will take away their allocation of vehicles if they don't follow the rules. Short of fraud, this is one of the m0st serious offenses a dealer can have.

If we find out a customer is coerced in to giving a good survey.. We'll jump down a dealers throat... I don't really see this and feel the value to learn out weights the potential negatives. In the market place today, i don't see customers that would allow to be manipulated this way.

Data from the csi surveys are the basis for just about everything we do.. From incentive plans; to advertising reimbursements; to trips; to spiffs... Dealers live and die on these CSI surveys and not just the good ones or bad ones.

We strive for accuracy but we are not necessarily experts or authorities on the subject. Neither the author nor / Allpar, LLC may be held responsible for the use of the information or advice, implied or otherwise, on this site. This page is offered "as is" and without warranties. By reading further, you release the author and Allpar, LLC from any liability.

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