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I'm doing the research to purchase a remanufactured cylinder head for my 2004 PT Cruiser (normally aspirated). The numbers cast onto the end of the head are "04667086AG-B". from what I've been able to ascertain, the actual casting number is "7086AG" with the revision of B. All cyclinder heads I've found online for the 04 have the number "7086AG-D". I'm assuming this is simply a revision of the casting and would still be compatible. All sites I've been to indicate that it is compatible, but I am trying to get some other opinions. They are heads with no EGR port, which does match the heads on my PT.



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The casting # is an internal Chrysler part # and not the actual part #. It may have had variations during production, but all should be back-compatible. The AG would be a version after AF. The A-D letter after that may have been a sub-version or shift/vendor designation. I'm not sure.
There are some Google hits for Chrysler part # R5424611, which is the Mopar reman head for emissions sales code EDZ.
A 2002 PT parts catalog lists the casting # as a -B or -C. The actual head part # changed along with it. See below:

04667088AB 1 EDZ Casting number 04667086AB
R5424611 Mopar Remanufactured Part
04667088AC 1 EDZ Casting number 04667086AC
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