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Dakota Race Trucks

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Hi all.

First post so saying g'day.

I was curious if anyone knows much about a small group of Dakota's built by Chrysler to race in Stock Eliminator / Super Stock circa 1997? I have a little info but am keen to learn more about the topic as I suspect the factory had more involvement than they are letting on.


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Welcome to Allpar. Unfortunately the only info that I have at all on Factory involvement predates this particular model year, I have a Chassis book that covers the first-generation Dakota pre-face-refresh, giving a whole bunch of dimensions and some ideas for ways to make changes. It also covers most other models that are or were popular modified race car chassis though, so it definitely wasn't Dakota-centric.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone evaluated the chassis and its changes relative to the previous generation and officially wrote an upfit book for Chrysler to sell through the dealer service departments, but as to how much involvement it's hard to say. At that time a lot of the full-sized drivetrain tricks would have directly applied to the V8 Dakotas as well, so it could be more that for that part of it, they were just in the right place at the right time.

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Trucks given to racers for stock/superstock were arbitration buy backs and it was up to the racer to find and fix the problem. They could never be titled for the street and it was up to the racer to perform all modifications to go racing with some help from Chrysler in the way of partse. e.g.warranty return motors etc. I was a good friend of the late Ray Valpreda who had two of these trucks.
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