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Dallas-Fort Worth LX Club (DFWLX)

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Dallas-Fort Worth LX Club (DFWLX)

by Pedro Murillo and Christina Cassell, DFWLX President and VP • photos by Frederick H. Butler

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DFWLX was established in May, 2007 to allow LX automobile platform enthusiasts in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Metropolitan area to get together, discuss their cars, and meet like-minded people in the area. The LX platform includes the modern Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, and Chrysler 300.

Over the past four and a half years the club has expanded from three members to over five hundred members, 330 of whom have posted on the website or attended an event within the last 120 days. Part of this growth has allowed DFWLX to extend the family with the Dodge Challenger, as well as the new lines of Charger, Magnum, and 300.

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Often, the staff of DFWLX is asked what sets DFWLX apart from other car clubs. It's simple: free membership, diversity, and family. The members of DFWLX are not charged annual dues and are not pressured to spend money they do not have. Members are not required to purchase DFWLX gear. They are not pressured to step outside of their comfort zone, just to fit into the group. Member Donald "D Day" Mullins had this to say:

This club is not about mods. This club is not about speed. This club is not about whoever pays the most money. It's about a genuine respect, fondness, and passion for the modern Mopar. Ask a question, get 20, 30, 40 answers all from different members with a pure willingness to want to help. Where there is a need, there will be members! I have seen and heard some amazing stories. Donating parts to help another member. Setting aside personal time to help another member move or get something working correctly (either on the car or otherwise). Each member of the club is part of a family. The DFWLX family! Family is there when you need them. Family will be there to hold your hand during the rough times. Family will be there to let you "cry on their shoulder." Family will be there to cheer in your triumphs! That's what DFWLX does.
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As long as you own a vehicle that fits within our criteria you're more than welcome to join the DFWLX family with open arms. DFWLX does accept donations. Those funds are used to benefit the club as a whole. The members of DFWLX are generous with the donations they choose to give. This allows the staff to purchase and hand out club advertisement cards, window stickers in multiple colors for each member's car, advertising banners, rent event locations, etc; and contribute to the purchase of supplies for the events the club chooses to participate in, such as water, food, canopies, etc.

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The staff members of DFWLX work to ensure the diversity of our club, not only to a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds, but to the cars themselves. Our members are made up of construction workers, servers, business owners, etc. All ethnicities are gladly accepted. Some of members have attended college, and some have never finished high school. Some of our members are single people, and some are married couples with children. The cars in our club also run the gamut from bone stock off the dealership lots to highly modified nationally known vehicles.

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One of our members, Damon "Skunk Works" recently stated:

I agree this group breaks some molds. We have meets and greets, shows, a web page and lot of events. Even us new guys... but I have been made to feel like I have been around a lot longer than I have been.

My wife even likes coming to some of the events and she is not a "car person" but it is the people connections that are made. I have seen numerous times where when someone is in need, others try to assist or do whatever they can to lighten the burden someone else may be carrying.

I think that is fantastic, and set us apart from a number of others. We have a wide and diverse membership with wide and diverse views, but when we come together, we are together.
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DFWLX exemplifies an understanding of the word "Club" in our name. We take great pride that our members consider themselves not only members of a club but members of an extended family. Recently member Shawn "shawnnuff" Mohmmad stated, "This is just not your ordinary car club, it's more like family and when we all get together it's like one big family reunion." Our membership is made up of several groups of extended family that hang out together at car shows, weekly, monthly, and annual events, as well as contributing to many charitable causes throughout the area. The members of DFWLX take their club seriously and come to our events because they enjoy the family friendly atmosphere of the DFWLX club, and just being with the rest of their family.

In conclusion, DFWLX wants all of the readers of to know if you live in the DFW area and own a LX/LC/LD platform car, to visit us at Join the DFWLX family.

[See the video of this photo shoot.]

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