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Dart GT...2.4 makes a huge diffrence.....

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Just drove the Dar GT for the first time.... and all I can say is YEA BABY!!!! I can only imaagine what this baby is going to do with the 9speed. Dont get me wrong you wont be racing Mustangs but it is now "fun to drive" The SRT will be the beast...if that is what you want. But IMHO the GT delivers on the fun promise. I can also see the justifcation for the lessor MPGs this baby really revs!!!! I also LOVE the interior.... If this interior was availble on the 2013 we would have been in much better shape. Also note the pricing aint bad for this pkg..... This one is loaded pretty nicely only missing moonroof and Navigaion.....evrthing else is there.. I personally would have ordered it without the tech Pkg and added the Navigation....

compared to a loaded Dart LTD on my showroom floor with a MSRP of $28,270 the GT looks like a STEAL

they are getting there.....

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Lasted 5 days!!!!

Sold the red GT last night. The value of the new pkg is a no brainer. We first looked at a nice SXT @ $20,125 (no 8.4,cloth interior,no u-connect, weak 2.0 engine and that damn base steering wheel)

For $2500 or a whopping $35more per month... The customer upgraded to the GT!!!
For $35 he went from "its ok" "I kinda like it" to "I LOVE IT!!"

LOVE and Value sells cars....... This pkg is the pkkg that the Dart should have offered a year ago. I am confident that if they just get their pricing and marketing right the Dart will be just fine.

auto start
two tone leather interior
back up camera
blind spot monitor
push button start
heated seats and steering wheel
Blue tooth connectivity with his Iphone5...

and he was perfectly fine sacrificing fuel economy for the fun to drive feel of the GT's 2.4 powerplant. (note he is trading a Wrangler so even the 2.4 is a major increase in MPG) :thumbsup:

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Stratuscaster said:
To be fair, they certainly wouldn't be the first automaker to feature a high-performance model in an ad. Or a car doing stunts with a "professional driver on a closed course."

Not much different than advertising on price - see the Dart advertised at $15995 - but precious few people are going to find that $15995 car on the lot to buy.
DISCLAIMER: R/T model shown with optional features. Avail. 1st Qtr 2013.
only problem there is and never was a RT
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