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The styling could have been more original, I'll agree, there are a lot of influences in there, it's almost like looking at a Hyundai... in terms of the borrowing. Guess they were playing it safe.

When it comes down to it, I think we can credit these issues...
  1. Avenger discounting. Don't think this is minor, we have several people on the forums alone who said they went in for Dart and came out with Avenger -- it was hard to beat the pricing and the overall package is quite nice. If you don't care about extreme handling and gadgetry, and gas mileage is a secondary concern, Avenger is absolutely better. Handling is more than adequate.
  2. The media really hammered the powertrains, more than was deserved. I'll put Dart 1.4 DDCT against Cruze automatic any day for powertrain.
  3. There was no immediate predecessor in that space.
  4. Marketing/advertising was ... off. The Alfa connection I will absolutely agree to be nonsensical. It clashed with the name, for one thing.
  5. Not having an acceleration-heavy sport model hurts its “street cred.” The Eurosport notion of adequate engine (unresponsive at low rpm) and great cornering doesn't play in the USA, except perhaps for Mini, which you'll notice had the turbo Cooper right away.
  6. Avenger discounting. Thought I would mention it again since it's so important.
  7. Huge upcharge for basics like an automatic which Americans really love, and the 1.4 engine itself. It quickly took a nicely equipped compact to $24,000 and up, beyond, as said too many times, Avenger/200 pricing and close to Charger.
  8. Dodge reputation among the unwashed public is still pretty poor.
  9. Fiat's reputation among those who recognize the Dart name is really really poor.
  10. Headrests on some models are unbearable. I can't drive with a cushion wedging my head down at a 30 degree angle.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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