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Dart Registry- Race Track Lighting Funding

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Hey all, I decided to try out the new Dart Registry and am looking to get the Dart's Racetrack lighting. I hope it's okay to post this here since it is related to the Dart and also officially a program set up by Dodge as well.

Dodge Dart Registry > Sponsor a Registry > Campaign Detail

Here is a little background on my situation..
"5 months ago I bought a 2013 Dodge Dart. I was originally told that it came with the full bar racetrack lights. However, I found out only the side tail lights light up and that it was a later available option. I would be so grateful if you could donate anything, even $1 would go a long way. This is the only upgrade I want for my Dart to be complete. It is such an amazing look to the Dart's entire back lit up at night!"
If any members are feeling generous I would be quite thankful! Thought it would be a fun idea to try out the registry and while I expect to pay most of the lighting maybe I can have a little bit of help. It is really the only thing I want for my Dart. I don't need an advanced sound system, special wheels, anything, but those lights.
Thanks guys!


If you guys aren't familar with what the new Dart registry is you can check it out here!
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You don't have to post the same thing after everything you post... Kinda annoying...
I would just incorporate it into my signature a little more discreetly myself...
Well I do want to say this is an official program from Dodge. I have now posted it in my signature. It might not of before because I was new here. Just a little update, but right now I have 3 sponsors and $44. So just want to say the Dart Registry actually does work!
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