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Hello again... found my manual deep in the glove (couldn't see it in there )... Was wanting to know if the u-connect 200 ( basic radio) has a pre out for an rca cable..??? Where would i hook up the remote turn on??.... I want to install my amp and 12" Pioneer sub..!! ..... was thinking that if they option it with a sub and speakers, why can't i install my own..?? maybe only pre-outs on the 8.4 and 8.4N???
Also,, all 2013 Chrysler group vehicles come with the 5/100,000 mile Warranty... Is this correct..? according to website it is?? my dealer mentioned that i have the basic but said nothing about the 5 year transferable...
Thanks again for all your help... love the car...stay between the lines and have a great day....may order up a "210 Tribute" if they treat me right...
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