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Dash airbag

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I recently crashed my '10 Sebring blowing the airbags. The steering wheel airbag is easy to replace. However, what's the dash airg procedure? Does the whole dash need to be taken apart to remove the upper dash panel?
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Are you fixing the rest of the car yourself? If not, let a body shop worry about it. Too much to go wrong to do it yourself, and have it not trigger next time, or trigger unexpectedly.
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I agree with Bob. Only attempt this if you have proper training & respect for handling a live airbag.
There may also be crash damage that you don't see or aren't aware of.
I hope that no one was injured in the accident. Make sure that any supporting structure (dash, steering column, seats) wasn't damaged in the restraint deployment.
Make sure that the shoulder belt pre-tensioners didn't discharge. If they did, replace them.
Disconnect the battery before you start. PAB=passenger air bag.
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No one was hurt. The bumper cover, left fender, radiator support, windshield, and hood were damaged. I am doing the work myself. The airbags themselves look like they're plug and play.
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Since the dash airbag took out the top of the dash, I installed a used panel top with an unblown airbag. This was an easy job taking about a half hour. Factory instructions say to remove the pillar trim which is unnecessary. Just pop a couple facia panels to gain access to five screws that hold this panel in place, drop the glove box down and remove two nuts holding the airbag to the dash assembly. Replace several impact sensors and go to Autozone and borrow a scanner to reprogram the system.
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