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Dash light and gauge problem

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My 2006 PT Cruiser once started I notice that the idiot lights come on and the gauge needles all drop as thou engine shut off .The engines runs and you can drive as this problem happens a few times then goes away after driving a bit.
Any clues what may be causing this.? Seems like maybe dash connection issue ?
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Welcome to Allpar. It could be a dash connection/solder joint issue. The next time it happens, try thumping the top of the dash with your fist to see if the cluster gauges come back.
Try moving the tilt steering column up and down as some wiring harness issues occur here.
Try moving the ign switch slightly toward 'start' and 'off' to see if maybe the ignition switch is partially failing.
There may be fault codes stored in modules other than the PCM. The cluster (CCN) module can store fault codes, but would require a specialized scan tool to read them.
There is a cluster self-test that you can do. Have a pen and paper handy to write down any codes that may show up in the odometer display.
While pushing in the trip odometer reset button, roll the ign key from off to run and then release the odo button. The gauges and lights and digital display will go through their dance and codes/software revisions/etc may be displayed to you.

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Weird Follow up to problem and solved .
Wife came home and parked out front came in change her work clothes and we go back out to get dinner .As I pull out of parking spot I realize I have no power brakes (scary trying to stop without them ),. Well anyhow pull over and first thing Iam thinking vacuum booster went bad .I open hood and hear vacuum leak . After getting flashlight ,it was night time I found where vacuum hose atttaches to booster there is an extra vac feed that is missing i cap on it. I run to parts store and get cap and secure it with clamp . That problem fixed and Now it has been a few weeks and the dashlight issue is gone and hasnt come back .
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