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dash light mayhem

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I am having some issues with the instrument panel lighting on my '75 Duster. The issue, I believe, is with the turn signal indicator lamps and the high beam indicator lamps primarily. When I activate my turn signals without my headlights of marker lights on, the left indicator seems to work fine, but the right indicator does not work at all. When I turn on the headlights/marker lights, left turn signal does not flash, but the high beam indicator lamp and the instrument panel backlight to the left of the speedometer flash. The right indicator still does not flash. When i activate my high beams, I lose the backlight to the left of the speedometer altogether, and my left turn signal indicator comes on and stays on (does not flash) except when I activate the left turn signal, at which point it flashes normally. Also, my high beam indicator lamp does not come on when I activate my high beams.

So, does all this craziness sound like it could be an issue with the wiring, or is it more likely an issue with the circuit board itself? If it is an issue with the circuit board, can it be repaired? Does anyone know who does this kind of work?

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It almost sounds like some of the wires back there are in the wrong locations.If not mistaken, the high beam and the turn signals are independent and on wires, not the circuit board. Has any of this been taken apart in the past? Wires in the wrong locations is an idication that the high beams flash when the turn signal is on, so check your wiring diagram first, trace a couple wires for the signals and high beam, make sure they are the right color and right location on the panel. You can also check to see if there are wires that have melted together, which does happen, crossing power from one to the other, but that doesn't sound like your issue.

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A very common area for problems is the bulkhead wiring connector at the firewall. The seal isn't very good and there can be lots of corrosion. Besides the possible problems Dana has mentioned, corrosion at the connector can do strange things, often interrupting grounds and causing one circuit to find ground through another circuit (which can account for the bulbs lighting up in the wrong place).
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