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Dashboard wiring harness repair on '62 Valiant

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As I am sure you are aware, the '62 Valiant's dashboard was a one-year-only design. I do have, and have consulted, the correct Factory Service Manual for the vehicle.

I need to extract the wiring harness going from the printed circuit board multi-connector to the bulkhead connector because it has become intermittent and I want to replace the wires. However, I can't see how to remove the harness without first removing the instrument cluster base from the dashboard. (I've already removed the instrument panel bezel, the printed circuit and instrument assembly and the lights, wiper and ignition switches.) How do you remove the instrument cluster base from the dash on a '62 Valiant?

Also, I can't figure out how to remove the speedometer from the instrument cluster base. I have disconnected the cable, but I can't find the 3 screws mentioned by the FSM at page 8-72. Would anybody know how to remove the speedo from the instrument cluster base on a '62 Valiant or Lancer?

Thanks very much.
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I don't have a Valiant/Lancer service manual, but the parts catalog shows some nice exploded views of the cluster that may aid in disassembly/reassembly. See p. 8-22C here:
1962 Mopar Parts Book
The whole dash panel is shown on p. 23-33B. A generic image of the backside of the dash and wiring harness is shown on p. 8-1. These dashboards weren't easy to service. I remember doing a headstand under the dash and scratching up my arms to get at things.
The housing looks to be fastened to the dash with studs and nuts?

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To release the speedometer cable, it should be a large nut that has to be unscrewed. If it is not the nut, it may be the cream colored plastic end that has a little tab that has to be squeezed to disconnect. The three screws are to remove the speedometer from the casing itself. As noted, dropping the steering column would give you a little more room to work to remove the whole thing, and then you can remove the small bolts along the bottom edge of the windshield, and loosen the two bolts on the bottom left and right corner of the dashboard that attach to the door jamb under the A pillar and the dashboard will pivot back and down, giving access to everything. At least I think this is how it worked back then.
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