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Dealer or transmission shop for trans fluid change?

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* Update: Check engine light came on today

I have a 2004 Neon SXT with the 4-speed automatic (41TE?).
At 100,000 miles I had the transmission and the radiator replaced.
Against my inclination, the shop that replaced the transmission maintained that they use their synthetic trans fluid or else they would not give me a 12 month/12,000 warranty.

Now, at 125,000 miles, my Neon is stalling when stopped in drive or reverse.
Also it is hesitating at low speeds, and when it hesitates, the headlights flicker.
Putting the car in park or neutral eliminates the issue.
The fluid level is between min and max, but there is some red fluid showing on the outside of the trans housing.

I only need to get 10 more months out of this car, so I don't want to put much money into it.

First, could changing the transmission fluid help the issue?

Second, should I get the fluid changed at a Dodge dealer or at a transmission shop? Dealer quoted $160, and a local shop (not the same one that replaced the trans) quoted $99.

Third, if you live in Detroit, are there any shops/dealers in the Royal Oak/Troy area you would recommend to have change the fluid?

Fourth, Rick Anderson recommended only using ATF+4 transmission fluid in the following post.
Is this what I should use? +fluid
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Yes, ATF+4 is synthetic and should be used in that transmission. That being said, I don't think your issues are related to the transmission. Sounds more like an electrical issue somewhere.
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