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On one hand I am glad I can do the work myself - and one of the big reasons is because I know how to do it, I find I am often not satisfied with the way someone else does the job - but then I can afford to spend 2 hours on a 30 minute job and cover off a few extras - I understand a tech cannot, but I still like it done my way.
On the flip side I have some sympathy for service advisers and techs - trying to accurately diagnose a problem on today's complex vehicles based on a 5 minute description from the owner written in the advisers interpretation... not easy. So I am glad when I get past the ability to change a tie rod myself I am glad at least I can go to the dealer and say "change the tie rod" with some luck even which one.
There have been a few issues that have escaped my diagnosis for years - small things - but notable things. And I have made a few mistakes as well - but only have myself to point the finger at so I don't get upset.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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